4G of Naya Pakistan Beat India in Asian 4G Speed Ranking

Pakistan beat India in 4G speed

I am not sure whether I am in Naya Pakistan or in Old one, because I have paused the YouTube video to buffer whilst I am writing this article. Completely shocked to see this ranking, but be positive guys, as it is something to mock India. Yes, I am talking about the fact that Pakistan beat India in 4G speed. Do you remember the slogan from last India-Pakistan Word Cup series? Let me raise that again, because obviously it is relatable.

India Tujhse Na Hoga Chase!

I love My ISP Provider

I use Ufone, because it says, “Tum hi to ho”, and I love their advertisements as well because they made me feel worthful. Don’t laugh at me, I am 90s kid – a bit grown up now. From fixing antennas to enjoying wi-fi, I might sound thankful with the current 4G speed. However, the current kids who are told that “children do not come from the sky, rather downloaded” might still feel the connection speed low. Don’t be offended, as it is a public service message by my ISP provider, when I tried to lodge a complaint.

Open Signal Report – No Jokes

Jokes apart, a friend shared me a new report by OpenSignal, which is a big-data analysis firm, mostly on technical and IT fields. This time, they examined the average 4G speed of different Asian countries and compared them with the countries of Goras, such as Australia. Racism? No, they included New Zealand as well. Confused? No problem, me too. I tried to write pun-intended here, but who cares – just laugh it away.

Pakistan beat India in 4G speed reported by OpenSignal
Courtesy: Daddy’s Tech

Gutargu Vs Kukurookoo

India is years ahead in IT compared to Pakistan, and they can’t even fix their 4G speed – what a state-failure! Those Indians who will be reading this article will obviously feel as if “meray murghay ko danda kisnay mara”. Please, with due respect, we don’t believe in roasters anymore, we are so upgraded with the technology. Therefore, we rely on “Kabootar”, and even Modi is afraid of it.

That’s the reason, why our 4G speed is railing 7Mbps ahead of India, because “gutargu” has more frequency with a sarcastic base than “kukurookoo”. Time to listen to Kukar song of Salman Khan and relax with laughter, I hope I don’t torture my stomach. Anyways, we won – time for Indians to recheck their slogan of “IT Giant”.

India is Last!

So, the ratings show bubbles, it’s like who blew the more chewing gum in the race. Obviously, Singapore. Smaller the mouth, more is the accuracy. So, it scored 44 Mpbs speed, followed by other countries, such as South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, etc. The best part, Pakistan beat India AND India is last.

Perhaps, India should focus on this issue rather than mocking Sidhu Paagi, because obviously “thoko-tali” won’t increase the speed, dedication will. On the other hand, Pakistan should not be so excited over this, because I am still shocked how this rating was assessed. The reason is that I have completed my article and my YouTube video is still buffering but Pakistan beat India!