3 Times Women Proved Age Is Just A Number

Courtesy: Yahoo

One may call her charming, sweet, tranquil, cooperative, and alluring. While this is pertinent for most women, some females are shattering the cliché by being fierce, audacious, and iron-willed. So, all you ladies out there, are you looking for some inspiration, then do not worry it is not far away. There are several times when women proved and are still proving that age is precisely a number. Read on and you will surely be surprised.

Passion for Dancing

Some people are indeed unable to carry out daily chores with the same zeal and strength when they grow old. But this does not hold for one “Augusta” woman Cameron. She really proves that age is precisely a number because she works and even dances at the age of 103. Yes, this is true because for her dancing is a never-ending passion. Even if she is absent at work the very next day she has to answer her beloved customers that where was she. It is due to her lovable nature, humor, and even her sharp tongue that it is hard for individuals to believe that she is 103 years old.

3 Times Women Proved Age is Just a Number

This old yet brave and fearless woman still does skydiving which many young individuals may not be seen opting for. The secret to a healthy, wealthy and happy life is to just keep on moving and never stop as Cameron is doing.


There are many times when women were successful in proving that age is just a number. It can be seen in our daily life that a woman is better at handling several tasks as compared to men. For example, a working lady in developing countries like Pakistan mostly has to take care of her children, keeps her house clean, looks after her in-laws and even her husband too. She is surely multitasking because she works 24/7 without making any sort of excuses. She might be dead tired but she will not utter a word because maybe for her family comes first.

In such cases, one can even take the example of Maria Umar. She is the founding father of “Women’s Digital League (WDL).” It is such a portal which is online and provides several digital services. Even she was offering such services from home as she was on “maternity leave.”

Resilient and Brave

When one thinks of age is just a number for different women residing in all parts of the world then how can one forget those women who are mothers of those children who lost their lives on “December 16, 2014” in APS attack. Yes, even these women who are old are as brave as before they are still fighting every day. Living their life to take care of their beloved ones is still their duty. Even for these women age is precisely a number.

One only needs courage, determination, and they can achieve all they want. Age is truly a number which does not matter. In the end, one should move on till their last breath.