1965 War – Did Pakistan Really Win? Let’s Find Out

1965 war
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We are celebrating 53rd Defence Day with the slogan of “Humain Pyar Hai Pakistan Se!”  The 1965 war also known as the Indo-Pak war is still controversial. 1965 war was the second war over the status of Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan. The outcome of the war and victory status is still the topic of discussion. India stated that they won the war while Pakistan’s claims are strikingly different. Here are some facts that will improve your insight about the 1965 wars! So let’s begin this journey in the history.

1965 war - who won?
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Facts And Figures Because Facts Don’t Lie!

  1. India had the infantry of 700,000, 720 tanks and 700+ aircraft. Pakistan had 260,000 infantry, 756 tanks and 280 aircraft .
  2. 8200 Indian soldiers were killed or captured whereas Pakistan’s loss was 5259 men.
  3. India lost 110 aircraft while Pakistan lost 43 aircraft.
  4. Pakistan defended when war came to its international boundary. It made Pakistan believe that it can defend itself the country 6 times more populous and occupy 7th largest area in the world.
  5. The war was well played on ground and air field! The initial achievement of Indian Army include Battle of Asal Uttar and Phillora, but don’t underestimate the Battle of Chawinda, still known as “The Graveyard of Indian Tanks”.
1965 war
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The Tea That Was Never Served!

Indian Army planned to drink in Lahore Gymkhana! Gen. J N Choudhary of India said. “Tomorrow we will drink in Lahore Gymkhana.” The Times of India’s editorial wrote,

“We will capture Lahore today, Sialkot tomorrow & cut Pakistan’s Railway network up to Rawalpindi in two parts putting hard conditions for Pakistan to choose Kashmir or Indian captured parts of West Punjab.”

1965 War
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Land, Water And Sky Was On Fire!

The war was not merely fought on land, with the usual rivalry, the bar of standards was high. Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce participated in the war. The statement is also true for India, and Pakistan defeated India on all three fronts. So we can say it was the hat-trick of Indian defeat!

1965 war - Pakistan Airforce
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International Media Claimed That Pakistan Army Held Their Own

An interesting opinion was provided by Donald Seaman for Daily Express. On 24th September, 1965 he stated that,

“Outnumbered three-to-one, they beat the Indians to a standstill, and were about to mount a counter attack in the last six hours before the ceasefire when they were stopped on political grounds.”

1965 war
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Battle of Chawinda – The Largest Tank Battle since WWII

Chawinda is known as the “Graveyard of Indian Tanks”.  1965 war is also known as the largest tank battle since World War II. The nearest city to Chawinda is Sialkot and the Indian Army was planning to set it as a base. Afterall they had 230 tanks while Pakistan had merely 132 tanks! Well they were not able to boast about it. They lost 120 tank in Chawinda hence the place is known as the graveyard of Indian Tanks!

1965 war
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What we lacked in technology, we compensated with raw passion to bleed for our country, soldiers such as M. M. Alam and Maqbool Hussain made the victory possible. We defeated the force double in numbers and their soldiers were captured in the open field. As the post WW II was all about air-warfare, even though it was not a clean sweep, it was a successive achievement and the credit goes to Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan was victorious on ground, in the sea, and in skies too!