Season 3 Of 13 Reasons Why – Is Messed Up

why season 3 of 13 reasons why is messed up?
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13 Reasons Why should have just stopped at the first season. The first season was based on the book of the same name. The two seasons that followed afterwards shows us a completely different story in a really bizarre manner that has been criticized and generated a lot of controversy as well.

The third season of 13 Reasons Why does have some improvements but is not a complete improvement at all. Each season, it makes one wonder what the writers are thinking. It claims to be an important show trying to tackle issues facing teenagers but it does it in such a manner that might leave its target audience traumatized. So instead of helping generate a conversation, it is actually making people steer away from it instead.

The third season entirely focused on the antagonist of the previous two seasons Bryce Walker and who killed him. If you have seen the show, you would not probably feel sorry for him at all. Strangely enough, this season tries to humanize a character that is deeply hated and should be too for what he did in the past two seasons. The people involved in the show really need to stop pretending that this show will have a positive impact on teenagers and help them and humanizing a character like Bryce only adds fuel to the heavy fire.

There is another character in the show that is introduced in this season, Ani Achola. She is another problem with this season. She makes the show entirely hard to watch because she tries to interfere in other student’s personal lives and acts like she had been in their lives since the beginning. The fact that some of these characters easily open up to Ani is weird because they are struggling in opening up to their friends but have no problem sharing their problems with a new character. Not to mention, she constantly tries to defend Bryce and acts like she is on the side of Clay and his friends.

It was however good to see Clay and his friends helping Tyler. After an unsuccessful attempt to shoot up the school last season, the characters try to figure Tyler out and why he tried to shoot the school. Tyler is finally brave enough to tell about the traumatic experience he had with the school bully Monty and his friends which leads him to try to shoot the school. Luckily, this time Tyler has a lot of support and Monty does pay for his actions by getting arrested.

While Monty does get arrested, the writers then try to humanize him as well. It is revealed that he does not live in a good home. He meets Winston, the only character other than Bryce that seems to take a liking to him. Winston sees the other side of Monty never revealed before. It is just strange how the writers are trying to erase what Monty and Bryce did and attempting to show them as good people.

There are no high expectations from the fourth and final season either. It might be about the characters moving on or focusing more on Monty and what made him become a bully. Whatever the case may be, the only good thing about the next season will be that it will finally be the last season. 13 Reasons Why however should be credited for making annoying characters go away like they gave minor attention to Courtney this season. Hopefully, Ani would move away or something and there is absolutely no need for her to narrate the next season.