When Pakistani Bodybuilders Pumped Pakistani Cricketers In International Sports!

The results for 12th South Asian Bodybuilding Championship were settled successfully on 21ST July 2019 in Katmandu, Nepal.
Courtesy: Defence.pk

The results for 12th South Asian Bodybuilding Championship were settled successfully on 21ST July 2019 in Katmandu, Nepal. This high-class international competition took place for three straight days amongst thirty contestants that represented eight different countries of South Asia. Overall, Afghanistan set the new international record by winning six Gold Medals followed by four Gold Medals won by India, and three Gold Medals won by each, Nepal and Maldives.

Amongst all the hassle, Pakistan also bagged four medals that included one Gold Medal, one Silver Medal, and two Bronze Medals. The Gold Medal was awarded to Usman Umar for the category of ‘Fitness Physique’ who belongs to the city of Lahore. The Silver Medal was awarded to Muhammad Sayed of Quetta for the category of ’90 KG Weight Category’. Both of the Bronze Medals were awarded for the same category of ’90 KG Weight’ to Faheem Abbas who belongs to Sialkot and Syed Fazal Elahi who belongs to Karachi.

The achievements were celebrated and endorsed by Chairman of Pakistan’s Bodybuilding Federation by through his valuable comments and announcements that indeed it was one of the biggest milestones achieved by Pakistani Bodybuilders on International Platform and Pakistan will be hosting 13TH South Asian Bodybuilding Championship in March 2020. He further added that winners from Pakistan will also be a part of the next competition.

Courtesy: Defence.pk

Amongst these international sports achievements, Pakistan lost badly in ICC Cricket World Cup. Pakistan won a total of five matches out of nine. In the first half, Pakistan managed to win only a single match that not only flare up the audience but also disappointed cricket professionals of Pakistan. An amazing comeback of the team was witnessed in the second half when Pakistan won all four matches and ranked fifth amongst all teams. The conclusion being that Pakistan’s mindboggling performance not only disappointed the fans in general but showed that Pakistan’s Cricket Team is capable of performing better but did not give its 100% in this international representation.

A critical review will be presented by experts of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that not only will highlight individual performances of players but will also discuss the collective game plan set and executed by players on field along with performance of sides and personals of team support for future recommendations. The meeting is said to be held on 2ND August in Karachi.

Cricket although a sport having millions of fans not only disappointed its fans, but also let down the country’s reputation amongst other countries. As country sportsmen, cricketers did not achieve the goal of highlighting the positivity of Pakistan the way it was done by Bodybuilders. Bodybuilding as a sport is underappreciated and does not fascinate many, yet as representatives of Pakistan, bodybuilders not only performed their best, but also made Pakistan the host country to organize the next international sports event of bodybuilding in Pakistan. After all, they say that being underestimated is one of the biggest competitive advantages one can have and bodybuilders of Pakistan have proved to be a fine example of it.