10 Times Modi Proved He Is A Small Man Occupying Big Office

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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A sunrise ago, Narendra Modi was given jaw dropping remarks by the PTI leader and PM Imran Khan because of the disappointing response to the peace dialogue given by the Indians. Let us give you the story background before examining the 10 events where Narendra Modi proved to be a small man occupying big office.

The newly selected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan was going to resume peace talks with India that was scheduled this month in New York and Modi’s government has cancelled it because of three policemen killed in Kashmir. Because of the India’s snub, IK tweeted and responded back by saying:

As usual, Narendra Modi proved himself as a small man occupying big office and it is not the first time he has done something like that. Let us take you to the 10 events where he proved that he actually is like that:

1. Calling Pakistan a ‘terror export factory’

‘We believe in peace’ he said at ‘Bharat ki baat’ and called Pakistan a ‘terror export factory’.

So much for a peace loving person eh?

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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2. Inviting Pakistan for peace talks

He wrote letter to IK himself for peace talks. What was it for then? And why did he back off?

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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3. By fighting against India, they (Pakistani’s) are damaging themselves

This was said when Modi addressed a rally in Punjab.

It wasn’t us who backed off from the peace talks. Hence, he proved himself as a small man indeed.

4. Calling Pakistan ‘Terror state’

He called Pakistan a terror state and violated UN and international charters against the non-interference in internal affairs of other countries.

5. Mend or be isolated

Even though Modi is governing India, he lacks the proper way to communicate. He said in the summit of BRICS. ‘Mend or be isolated’ is what he said at the summit and yet again, proved himself to be a small man occupying in big offices.

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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6. The neighboring country ‘breeds and encourages terrorism’

It is him who is proving to be small minded and is breeding hatred among the two countries. A small man occupying big office and not have the grace to practice the courtesy and manners associated with the office indeed!

7.“Pakistan should stop this unprovoked firing if it wants peace on the border”

No one knows what his problem is but when it came to the scheduled peace talks (which he initiated himself), he was the one who took the step back. Not us!

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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8. “Try and Turn the course of history” with Pakistan

In December, 2015, Modi stated that the reason behind resuming talks with Pakistan was to ‘try and turn the course of history’. We think that he is not trying hard to do that and is only giving out statements since past.

9. ‘Let’s fight battle against poverty, see who wins’

Does he really understand the concept of poverty or considers it a race? We all believe that poverty needs to be eradicated from the entire planet and here he is trying to make a game out of it because that is what he said in 2016. Let us hope that we all ‘win’ it.

Modi is a small man occupying big office
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10. Kashmiri’s are killed every single day

Modi backfires after the killing of three Indian officers and Pakistan was trying to resume the peace talks even after bearing the brutality against our Kashmiri brothers for years. Who is the bad guy? Not us for sure!

Modi is the perfect example of a small man occupying big office and his baseless statements prove that. Poking his nose in Pakistan’s internal matter seems to be his favorite hobby and it seems to be the best conversion to divert the attention of Indian Public from pressing matters and corruption charges!